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As Jews around the world prepare for the Seder and celebrate Passover this week, this celebration is far from being about Matzoh and the four questions.I live in buddhist religion symbols where children are brought up by parents and other family members. They're with those family members all day when they're babies and are constantly touched, played with, shown how to do simple things - in other words, educated! Thai kids are not shoved in front of TV sets with Baby Einstein DVDs playing so their parents can do something else. Thai babies are taken with their parents, wherever they go (in many cases, even to work), which not only educates the child but also makes them more secure and even more connected to family members. It's also probably one of the reasons I've always noticed Thai families are much closer than most American families, regardless that Americans are always talking about "family values". Thais don't talk about them, they just have them.Golden Buddha. Okay, the Golden Buddha Halloween costume works if you are going for creepy, funny, or freaking out. It is made from a shiny material that gives it a polished golden statuette look, along with a giant buddha head and feet. Do you get it? You aren't going as the Buddha himself, but as a Buddha statue. Thank God Buddhists are not as psychotic as Muslims or this would guarantee you a violent Halloween death if you showed up in the wrong neighborhood.This may be overused but eating a well-balanced diet can help prevent your hair line from receding. Avoiding certain medicines and reducing stress can also help. Remember that your hair needs to be treated carefully, so don't pull it up tightly and avoid pulling, rubbing and twisting your hair recklessly. Also, consult your hair experts about styling techniques and treatments that help minimize the effects of balding. It is also important to consult regarding baldness Temples regrowth, if your hair has begun to recede.Check this out. While I was born into a Jewish family in New Orleans, I am just beginning to realize how totally entrenched the teachings were. Let's just say they were more religious than spiritual. And interesting, as well, how many I speak with today and find I am not alone.

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